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Amb. Hills Discusses the Status and Future of NAFTA Negotiations at Texas A&M

Amb. Hills delivered a keynote address on the future of NAFTA and discussed the trade deal's future with Texas A&M University President Michael Young at the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

Amb. Pickering Outlines How US Global Leadership Could be Undermined by A Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal

In a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette op-ed, Amb. Pickering explains how ending the Iran nuclear deal would weaken the international standing of the United States, isolate it, and potentially embolden Iran and its allies.

Amb. Pickering Assesses the Impact of the Special Counsel’s Russia Probe on the Trump Administration

In a live Al Jazeera interview, Amb. Pickering explains the significance of Robert Mueller’s investigation and its effect on Trump’s legislative and policy agenda.


Hills & Company was established in 1993 by Carla A. Hills, the former U.S. trade representative, to help businesses expand trade and investment worldwide. Our principals have unparalleled public and private sector experience in global business, trade, investment, economics, politics, and diplomacy.

Our analytical and advocacy efforts are enriched by a:

  • Thorough, first-hand understanding of the decision-makers, customs, negotiating tactics, and business practices in various foreign countries;
  • Broad range of knowledgeable and influential contacts in foreign government and business circles; and
  • Significant language capability

In seeking to bring about policy change in a foreign country or region on behalf of a client, we work with the client on a comprehensive approach to:

  • Analyze the issues, arguments, and relevant political and economic environments;
  • Develop a strategy for building support, both internal and external, for change;
  • Facilitate key contacts and introductions to support a negotiated and favorable outcome; and
  • Persuade key figures in the public and private sectors in a foreign market to take the steps necessary to accomplish the client’s objectives.