Our Expertise
Former NAFTA negotiator Robert Fisher Sees Clear U.S. Preference to Stay in The Agreement

In a Toronto Star article, Robert Fisher discusses how the negotiations have evolved to a point where all parties, including the United States, prefer a revised agreement to withdrawal.

Amb. Pickering Analyzes Prime Minister Theresa May’s Kremlin Ultimatum In Response to Alleged Poison Gas Attack

In an interview with CNN’s Hala Gorani, Amb. Pickering discusses Russia’s denial of any role in Sergei Skripal’s poisoning and predicts strong reactions from the UK, with support from France and Germany, should Russia fail to respond to May’s ultimatum.

Amb. Hills Explains Why the Domestic and Global Costs of President Trump’s Metal Tariffs Far Outweigh the Benefits

In an interview with Bloomberg, Amb. Hills warned that Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs will cost U.S. workers more jobs than it will create, strain U.S. relationships with key allies, and thus undermine the tariffs’ central objective of safeguarding U.S. national security.


What sets us apart is our experience solving international problems; worldwide network of relationships; and our business know-how.


Our principals have worked at the highest levels of government advising Republican and Democratic Presidents on trade and investment, politics, and commercial diplomacy.  We have negotiated landmark multilateral trade agreements (NAFTA), helped launch linchpin global trade institutions (WTO), and successfully mobilized global alliances (first Persian Gulf coalition).  Our principals have especially broad and deep experience across Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East in a wide range of sectors.  And we have first-hand expertise and insight on key emerging markets in today's headlines such as China, Mexico, Russia, India, and Brazil, as well as mature ones like Canada and the United Kingdom.  Our unique perspective allows us to contextualize and solve global problems practically and effectively.


We have worked with generations of leaders in the U.S. and foreign governments and in global business.  We maintain official government contacts to this day ranging from the highest level decision-makers to mid- and working level implementers.  Our C-suite and government affairs connections, board memberships, and current and previous leadership roles in leading industry associations, think tanks, and NGOs reinforce our ability to advance business priorities.  We have staked our reputation on a no-nonsense approach to tackling issues and delivering results.

Business Know-How:

Hills & Company has been advising global companies for 25 years.  To put our clients first, we work exclusively with one company in any given sector and always staff each matter with an experienced principal.  Our CEO and Chair has sat on numerous boards of Fortune 500 companies.  Our Vice Chair organized and ran the global public policy operations of one of the world's most respected companies.  Our Co-Founder is an economist and recognized trade expert on market access and investment restrictions.  We have founded or practiced at preeminent international law firms on a broad range of global regulatory, trade, and antitrust matters that buttress our understanding of the issues.  We know international business and how to tailor our advice and strategies to get the best return on your investment.